6750 NE 41st Avenue
Altoona, Iowa

About us

Fresco Windows, leader company in the sector, has been producing since 1989 windows with aluminum frame, glass windows with hollow, hardened and laminated glasses for earth moving , agricultural and operating machinery, busses and mini busses, railway vehicles, special vehicles and boats.
Fresco is the only company in America, in its sector, who can boast a complete cycle production of windows for vehicles and boats.
In order to give an efficient and competitive answer to the increasing marketplace demands, the factory indeed in 2006 provides itself with a new internal department, intended to the glass labour with mark GARDAVITRUM®, which has allowed Fresco to become self sufficient in the production of glass, assuring thus an even superior quality level, thanks to the direct control of its own products.
Thanks to its experience and planning staff’s technical competence, always seeking new solutions in terms of functionality and design, thanks to the constant technological upgrading of the production departments, Fresco, in addition to the act of proposing innovative solutions, is able to fulfil any customer’s request, by keeping its quality standard high.
Nowadays, the technologies of last generation and the complete production cycle, make Fresco one of the most reliable companies in the international scene.
Courage, responsibility and strategy have made the company a big established industrial enterprise in the automotive field. Research, obduracy and constant development are destined to be the distinguishing features of  Fresco’s success.